The Me I Aim To Be

(broken into enumerated proofs of arrival)

 - Fit enough to run the homestead - (more poetic details here)
 * Can lift 100 lbs from ground to overhead at least 25 times within 15 min
 * Can sprint(7?mph) for 30 seconds(300 ft?) and not collapse into a useless pile
 * Can chop wood & dig soil for 3 hours without injury
 * Can do handstands, and cartwheels
 * Limber and stable enough to complete a moderate yoga class without falling

- Eating healthy -
 √ * No gluten or processed sugar
 √ * Non-gluten grains eaten as whole thing(rice, corn, quinoa, oatmeal), flours and starches
used only minimally for occasional treats. (went on Atkins April 1st)
 √ * Above means no commercial GF breads and cakes. Some homemade treats for special
occasions. (ie: Birthday pie) (see above re: atkins)
 * Homemade meals 90% of the time (2 or less restaurant/takeout meals per week)
 * Find my Carb Tolerance and work with it to loose fat
 ** More details as plan develops**

- Financially responsible -
 * Pocket money not exceeding 10% net income
 * Homemade meals 90% of the time (2 or less restaurant/takeout meals per week)
 * 3 months expenses in savings account for emergency
 * Investing 20% net income for home downpayment, and then invest the 20% for

- Socially/mentally healthy - (This one's hard to put numbers on)
 √ * Investing time and effort regularly to maintain healthy relationships with loved ones
 √ * Communicating needs and boundaries
 * Occasional participation in local festivals and events
 * Daily meditation & journaling
 * Do something creative(write, draw, craft, try a new recipe) every week